Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second Mock Draft of 2013

The draft is a few days away.  We've had some players pull out, and there has been considerable movement on the major draft sites.  If you haven't read the first mock draft we've posted, I'd advise you to do so, as it details a comprehensive list of team needs.  Anyways, here is the second mock draft here on this website.  Enjoy.

1st Round (Version 2.0)

          1.  Cleveland CavaliersVictor Oladipo, G, Indiana

Their best player is returning point guard Kyrie Irving, who was named to the All-Star team this past season.  They also have a solid group of big men in Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson, Marreese Speights, and they also have Tyler Zeller.  They also have last year’s first round pick in Dion Waiters.  Though there’s an obvious need at the wing position as they may look to supplant Gee and/or Casspi, they could use an extra big man, as Varejao has been injury-prone.

The Cavs can use a perimeter player here, and Victor Oladipo is a very athletic, two-way basketball player who possesses strong skills in many areas.  He's an excellent defender and athlete who wreaks havoc as an aggressive driver in transition.  He has great anticipation skills to force lots of turnovers, plays taller than his listed height, and can score on drives as well. 

He also has a budding outside shot, and could be a productive player right away as the consummate role player.  He also has the potential to develop into a 20 point scorer if they needed him to do so, but on this team, he wouldn’t have to, and would help turn the Cavs into a force as a young, upstart, fast breaking team. 

       2.   Orlando Magic – Nerlens Noel, F-C, Kentucky

The Magic have a solid group of big men in Vucevic, Nicholson, and O’Quinn, and an energetic scorer in forward Tobias Harris.  Arron Afflalo provided the team with plenty of scoring, but his shooting numbers were down.  Jameer Nelson was a very good distributor, but struggled as a shooter as well.  They could use another big man who can score, rebound, and defend. 

Nerlens Noel is a tall, long, athletic big man who provides tremendous defensive skills, is a fairly solid facilitator for his size, excels in finishing plays around the basket, and was the most important player on Kentucky’s team last year.  He’ll have to continue to improve his offensive game, and will gradually have to add on muscle, but Noel has all the skills to be an elite level anchor of the defense for the Magic, and would be a really good value pick here.  

     3.   Washington WizardsOtto Porter, F, Georgetown

The Wizards have a really good point guard in John Wall, and excelled as a defensive unit together.  Nene and Emeka Okafor are solid big men who can score, rebound, and defend.  Brad Beal had a solid rookie season, and will be looking to build off that.  They also have Trevor Ariza, who played a key role on the 2009 Lakers championship team.

Otto Porter would be a solid pick up here.  The Wizards need forwards that can compete for playing time, and he is a solid, all-around player that can shoot, drive and score on fast breaks, can post up, is a smart playmaker, and also rebounds and defends well.  He has no glaring weaknesses, and would be a very good pick for the Wizards.  

     4.   Charlotte BobcatsAnthony Bennett, F, UNLV

While they are still in constant rebuilding mode, the Bobcats will turn to Kemba Walker and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as the two definitive members of their core. 

Anything other than that looks to be fairly uncertain after that, but they do have some talent around them, even if those players may be fairly unpolished.  Gerald Henderson can attack the basket for scores, B.J. Mullens is an athletic big man who is looking to expand his game on both ends of the floor, and Bismack Biyombo is a very athletic shot blocker who shows promise as a defender.   But each of these players also have their flaws, as they’ll need to continue to improve offensively next year.

Anthony Bennett could make sense here.  He’s a tremendously athletic big man who can do all sorts of things with a basketball in his hands.  He’s fast, agile, powerful, can shoot from beyond the arc off pick and pop plays, can score on rolls to the hoop, can post up, and can score on authoritative drives to the hoop.  He’s a very good rebounder, and also handles the ball well.  He’d provide the Bobcats with a lot versatility on offense, and could develop into a perennial All-Star.

      5.    Phoenix Suns - Alex Len, C, Maryland 

Goran Dragic and Jared Dudley have been solid role players that will probably be on this team for plenty of years to come.  Both guys can shoot, are well coached offensively, and provide a level of tenacity and headiness for their team.  Gortat and Scola have been reliable big men that can score, rebound, and block some shots, but Scola is aging.  They could also use a shooting guard at this spot.

This is a team that has plenty of needs, and Alex Len could quell some of those.  Len is a 7-1 center that runs the floor well, is a good post up player, can rebound, block shots, and provide some defense.  If he improves on being more consistent from game to game, and if the team that drafts him will force-feed him post touches, Len could prove to be a good pick at this spot.    

     6.    New Orleans PelicansTrey Burke, G, Michigan

The Pelicans have a really solid stable of big men in Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson, and Robin Lopez.  They also have an assist collecting machine in Greivis Vasquez, albeit he’s still a bit unproven, and may need to improve his shot and his defensive skills.  Eric Gordon is a very athletic, microwave type of scorer that can be a future All-Star, but was injured for most of the season.  Their starting small forward will leave for free agency.

Trey Burke would be a really good pick here.  He’s a smart, savvy point guard who shoots well, can score on hard drives to the rim, is a plus level facilitator and ball handler, and defends well.  He’s a calm, poised leader, and would team up with Vasquez to set up Gordon, Davis, and Anderson for many scores next season. 

     7.    Sacramento KingsMichael Carter-Williams, G, Syracuse

The Kings seem to be building around Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins.  They have many team needs, as they could use a big man to play off of Cousins, a point guard to help run the team, or a small forward to complement Evans.

Michael Carter-Williams would be the smart, savvy pick that could help turn this franchise around.  He is a very athletic, big point guard at 6-6, and is a really good distributor and ball handler who simply knows how to make his teammates better.  He’s also a very good defensive player that can help generate lots of turnovers for his team, and excels in transition.  This would be a solid pick for the Kings, as he’d provide the Kings a lot of size, playmaking, and defensive skills in the backcourt.

    8.   Detroit PistonsBen McLemore, G, Kansas

The Pistons possess two really solid big men in potential All-Star Greg Monroe, and an emerging star in Andre Drummond.  Brandon Knight is the team’s point guard of the future, and can shoot the basketball.  Anything else is up in the air after that.

The Pistons can use a really good shooter that can immediately put up points, as well as a player to complement Knight, Monroe, and Drummond, and McLemore looks to be the best option if they proceed to take this route. 

Ben McLemore is a really gifted shooter who can make a plethora of threes, whether if they are spot ups or on the move.  He also is a very athletic guard who is a dynamo in transition, and blocks shots well for a player his size.  Sometimes he can tend to fade into the background, but if he increases his level of assertiveness, McLemore could become one of a few players that can be a multi-All-Star out of this year’s draft class.

       9.    Minnesota TimberwolvesC.J. McCollum, G, Lehigh

The Wolves have a solid frontcourt in perennial All-Star Kevin Love, an uber defensive forward in Andrei Kirilenko, and another player that can put up points and rebounds in Nikola Pekovic.  Plus, they have a solid stable of point guards in Ricky Rubio, Luke Ridnour, and J.J. Barea, as they can keep defenses off balance with their differing styles of play.

C.J. McCollum is a gifted shooter who possesses a sound knowledge of the game, rebounds really well for his size, and is an athletic defender who can force lots of turnovers as he can grab a handful of steals.  He would help Rubio create havoc upon opposing ball handlers in the backcourt, and would help Kevin Love with his versatile ability to score on the floor.  Muhammad and Caldwell-Pope are other possibilities at this spot. 

    10.  Portland Trail Blazers – Cody Zeller, F-C, Indiana

Damian Lillard played extremely well as a rookie, as he took home Rookie of the Year honors.  They also have All-Star big man, LaMarcus Aldridge, and also possess two solid wing players in Wes Matthews and Nicolas Batum.  J.J. Hickson had a good year last season, and excelled as a scorer and rebounder for his team.

The Blazers could look to bolster their punch, and Zeller would pack plenty of punch for this team.  He’s an incredibly productive big man who can score off high post drives, is an excellent scorer in transition, can routinely hit cutters with his ability to pass, and also can rebound and block shots.  He’s a very mobile big man who can beat opponents down court to score on rim runs, and would complement Meyers Leonard well on the second unit, and could also play alongside Lillard and Aldridge with his versatile offensive game.

    11. Philadelphia SixersKentavious Caldwell-Pope, G, Georgia

That trade for Andrew Bynum was not very good, as he was lost for the year due to injury.  Trading All-Star guard Andre Iguodala and letting Lou Williams didn’t help either, and head coach Doug Collins ended up resigning after having a successful year in the playoffs in 2011-12.  On the bright side, they do have a really good point guard in Jrue Holiday, and good role players in Evan Turner and Thaddeous Young.  Spencer Hawes was also a key player on the 2011-12 Sixers’ team as well.

Caldwell-Pope is an athletic guard who excels at shooting the basketball, and is a solid defender who can lock up his man, and force many turnovers in favor of his team.  He'd really help the Sixers space the floor, as this could open things up for the Sixers to go back to their winning ways two years ago.

    12.  Oklahoma City ThunderShane Larkin, G, Miami (Fl)

The Thunder has a lot of talent, and are a really good team that possesses few team needs.  They have a strong core in uber athletic, scoring point guard Russell Westbrook, one of the best players in today’s game in superstar forward Kevin Durant, and a super shot blocker in Serge Ibaka.  Kendrick Perkins is another big man who can rebound and lock down the paint defensively, while Sefolosha is an athletic shooting guard who can shoot threes and is a very good defensive specialist.

They may look to a wing player in case if they lose Kevin Martin to free agency, but they also have Jeremy Lamb who they may slide into that role.  The Thunder also needs a player who can push the athletic, but inconsistent Reggie Jackson, who struggled to fill Westbrook’s shoes comfortably in the playoffs, as Oklahoma City fell short by losing to Memphis.

Shane Larkin would be a solid pick at this spot, as he’s a smart, heady player who runs the team well, is a very good shooter, is a crafty scorer on strong drives, and plays aggressive, hard nosed defense.  He’s not the tallest point guard, but Larkin makes up for it in possessing a variety of strong skills in most areas as well as possessing a very good knowledge of the game. 

    13. Dallas MavericksSteven Adams, C, Pittsburgh

Likely, they’ll trade this pick to another team in an attempt to go after Dwight Howard.  Assuming this is the case, the line of thinking here is that they may pick a player who possesses a really high upside, to pawn him off to the highest bidder among the remaining teams they receive offers from.

Steven Adams would be a sensible pick that they could keep, or deal to another team in hopes to free up money for Dwight Howard.  Adams is a gifted, low post scorer who possesses a solid mid-range shot, and also is a good rebounder and shot blocker.  He also has very good strength, and could develop into a solid starter down the road.

     14. Utah Jazz Shabazz Muhammad, G-F, UCLA

The Jazz have a very good group of big men, and have done a good job of developing them.  Kanters and Favors have played well behind Millsap and Jefferson, and have the skills to step into being solid starters for next year’s team.  Hayward is a good shooter who can pass and handle the ball, while Mo Williams provided a productive year for them, albeit he may leave them towards free agency.

At this spot, the Jazz could look to add a shooting guard to complement Hayward, a point guard to perhaps replace Williams, or another big man to add to the stable in case Millsap or Jefferson leaves. 

The Jazz could use a shooter that can also create his own shot, and Shabazz Muhammad would be a solid choice here.  He is a very good shooter that can score on hard drives to the hoop, and is a fairly good rebounder.  He’s a sound offensive player, is a physical athletic specimen who possesses dynamic scoring skills, and has good size and athletic ability, and would complement the Jazz well with his dynamic offensive game. 

     15.  Milwaukee BucksDennis Schroeder, G, Braunschweig (Germany)

The Bucks need everything on the perimeter, since they may very well lose both Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, who are their current starting guards on their team.  Most of their key perimeter players are free agents.

Schroeder played very well in this year's 2013 Nike Hoops Summit, and can score in many ways to beat the opposition.  He's an aggressive player who can routinely score on drives due to possessing great speed, is a very good shooter, and is a solid facilitator and ball handler.  He has plenty of upside, and could be a very solid pick, especially if the Bucks end up losing both Ellis and Jennings to free agency.
     16. Boston CelticsMason Plumlee, F-C, Duke

The Celtics appear to be headed into rebuilding mode, especially with the ongoing situation with them and the Clippers regarding Doc Rivers.  They could go in any number of possible directions.  But for now, it looks as if their key pieces for the future will be former All-Star Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, and Avery Bradley.

Plumlee would be a really solid pick for the Celtics, as he is an athletic big man who can run the floor, can score in the high post, and is a solid rebounder and defender.  He'd complement Sullinger well, as Plumlee would be the high post scorer, and Sullinger would provide the Celtics with efficient, low post scoring.  Plus, Plumlee would make back some of that rugged, hard nosed defense the Celtics have established over the years, but also provide some versatility on offense.  If he can get stronger and be a more consistent player, he'd really help at this spot, as he'd be a solid pickup here.

    17.  Atlanta HawksGiannis Adetokunbo, G-F, Filathlitikos (Greece)
Atlanta looks to be clearing the decks to acquire big free agents.  So, because there are a lot of holes on their roster, they could simply go with the best players available, or they could elect to take a player they can stash overseas before bringing him over to the NBA.
With that logic, Giannis Adetokunbo could make some sense here.  He’s a 6-9 ball handler who has a great ability to attack the basket to score off the dribble, and is an unselfish player who can play four positions on the court, including at the point. 

Adetokunbo also excels in the transition game, and displays a solid ability to rebound and defend.  He’s only 18, so he may not quite be ready right away, as he’ll need to work on improving his strength, as well as his outside shot, and focus on the finer points of the game.  But his ceiling is through the roof, and teams would certainly give up a high level asset to acquire one of the most physically gifted players in this year’s draft.

     18.  Atlanta HawksLucas Nogueira, C, ASEFA Estudiantes (Brazil)

The Hawks may need another player to rebound and defend, so they may look for another player to complement Horford.  In addition, they may also look to free up cap space to sign Dwight Howard, so they may elect to use this pick on a player they can stash overseas, on an upside pick, or they may trade this pick altogether.

Nogueira is a very athletic big man who excels in finishing around the basket, can run the floor to score on fast break opportunities, and is a very good rebounder and shot blocker who can lock down the paint.  He has played fairly well in one of the toughest leagues in basketball in the ACB, and would be more than equipped to handle the rigors of the NBA.  He'll need to expand on his offensive game, and will probably need to add more strength, but he'd be a solid, sensible pick that can give the Hawks plenty of leeway in the meantime.

    19.  Cleveland CavaliersGorgui Dieng, C, Louisville

Most likely, if they’ll draft a player at a different position than the number one overall pick, as long as they don’t take a point guard in the first round.  They need wing players, so if they haven’t already taken one, they would take one here.  If they didn't take Noel at the top spot, they may take a big man at this spot.  That could make sense, as Varejao has been injury prone, and Tyler Zeller struggled in his rookie season.

Gorgui Dieng was the anchor of a national championship defense at Louisville, and is an athletic big man who can finish for scores inside the paint, is a very good passer, and is a sound rebounder and shot blocker.  In addition, he is one of the best defenders in the draft, and can immediately lock down the paint for his team, and rarely makes mistakes on the defensive side of the ball.  He would immediately help Cleveland's defense, and would give them another body that can shore up the frontcourt.

     20.  Chicago BullsJeff Withey, C, Kansas

They could use a backup wing player or a big man to add depth to their team.  A player who can shoot and defend would help at this spot.

Jeff Withey would be a solid pick at this spot, as he's a very good defensive center who can frustrate even the best collegiate big man, and can force them to go on horrendous shooting nights.  Withey is a very active defender who brings tremendous shot blocking skills due to his size, length, quickness, and anticipation skills, and also is a very good rebounder.  He's also an efficient scorer inside the paint, but will need to improve on his post up game.  His rebounding and defense would help Chicago at this spot, as he could be a long-term answer as a really good backup center for this team.

      21. Utah JazzKelly Olynyk, F, Gonzaga

They could go in any direction as long as they don’t take a player at the same position twice.  Most likely, they’ll take a wing player to play alongside Hayward if they haven’t taken one already, or a point guard because Mo Williams is leaving for free agency.  Kanter and Favors are primed to step into bigger roles next season, so they may not feel compelled to take a big man at this spot.  Although, there are still a lot of quality big men they could take here, which could help them shore up some depth in the frontcourt.

Though there are plenty of solid wing players they could choose at this spot, Olynyk's offensive skills and versatility could be too much for the Jazz to pass up.  He can do a lot of things on that side of the ball, as he possesses solid high post scoring skills, can post up, is a good scorer on the break, and can also make mid-range shots.  Olynyk plays a very athletic style, and has improved upon his rebounding and defense recently, though he'll need to continue to make strides in those areas.  He'd provide instant offense, and could prove to be a major asset for the Jazz off the bench.

       22.  Brooklyn Nets – Jamaal Franklin, G-F, San Diego State

The Nets have a solid starting unit, but they could add a player to bolster their bench unit.  Most likely, they’ll take the best player available.  If they go with a need, maybe they’ll take a backup swingman or point guard at this spot.

Franklin is a big game player who possesses a wide array of skills, and plays with great confidence and poise each and every time he steps out on the floor.  He's an unselfish player who possesses solid passing and ball handling skills as he can create for his teammates, is a good scorer off the dribble, and can make timely outside shots.  He's also a really good rebounder, and brings tough, hard-nosed defense when he's on the floor.  He looks to be the consummate role player that could really help Brooklyn's bench at this spot in the draft.

       23. Indiana PacersTony Mitchell, F, North Texas

The Pacers had a really good year, but they could add a player to bolster their bench.  They could use an extra wing player that can shoot the basketball, a backup point guard, or a big man because David West may leave for another team in free agency.

Mitchell would be an intriguing pickup at this spot if they were to draft a big man in the first round.  He's a very athletic forward who possesses strong rebounding and shot blocking skills, and really excels as a scorer in transition.  He's an active rebounder and defender who'll score on many second chance points, and has shown some versatility on offense.  Mitchell also promises shooting range and ball handling skills.  His shooting percentages were down, but he has a lot of skills and upside, so he could make sense as the pick here at this spot.

      24.  New York KnicksTim Hardaway Jr., G-F, Michigan

The Knicks have Carmelo Anthony, so they’re good on that front.  But Jason Kidd retired, and Tyson Chandler is getting older, despite still being a reliable starting center.  The Knicks could use a player to bolster their bench, so they’ll likely take the best player available.

Hardaway Jr. is a solid, steady player who can really score the basketball, and possesses good three-point shot from beyond the arc.  He also is an athletic swingman who excels in transition, and possesses adequate playmaking and defensive skills.  He played a major role in Michigan's run to the title game, and has the skills to bring instant offense and scoring skills to the Knicks.

    25.  Los Angeles ClippersGlen Rice Jr., G-F, Rio Grande Valley (D-League)

The Clippers have Blake Griffin, and plan on keeping Chris Paul, so they won’t likely take a power forward or a point guard, especially since they also have Eric Bledsoe.  They also have a solid center in DeAndre Jordan, and a solid group of wing players.  Most likely, they’ll look to add a wing player as they’ll slowly incorporate that player into the lineup someday, and have that player learn under the tutelage of Paul and Griffin.

Rice Jr. is a tremendous talent, and is a very athletic swingman who can shoot, score on drives and in transition, is a really good rebounder, and possesses fairly good playmaking and defensive skills.  He had three nondescript years as a fairly solid role player at Georgia Tech before being dismissed from the team, but then broke out for a terrific year at Rio Grande Valley, as he dominated in the D-League playoffs.  He also did a good job of behaving himself, and stayed out of trouble as there were no run-ins with coaches or the law this season.  Rice Jr. will need to continue to prove that he can abide by the law and be coachable.  if so, he could be a really good pickup for the Clippers at this spot.

     26.  Minnesota TimberwolvesReggie Bullock, G-F, North Carolina

The Wolves need shooters to complement Kevin Love, and wing players.  Most likely, they could take any player as long as it’s not a point guard, as they are stacked at that spot.

Bullock is a very good three-point shooter and rebounder, so his floor spacing ability would help open up driving lanes for Rubio, and the paint for Kevin Love to operate on the block.  As long as he continues to make threes at a really good rate and rebounds, he'll carve out a long career in the league.  In addition, he has the size and the athleticism to play either the two or the three for the Wolves as well.

     27. Denver NuggetsAllen Crabbe, G, California

They have a new head coach and GM, so they could go in any which way.  The Nuggets will likely take a player that will fit into their new culture, which has yet to be determinted yet.

Crabbe is a very good shooter who already excels in making shots off of floppy sets that were installed by his head coach, Mike Montgomery.  He can make shots from all over the floor, and is a solid rebounder as well.  With his ability to shoot, rebound, and execute pro sets, Crabbe would be a sensible pick for the Nuggets here.

    28. San Antonio Spurs – Rudy Gobert, C, ASVEL Basket (France)

They had a really good season, as they almost were able to defeat the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals.  But they didn’t, so the Spurs will look to address their needs starting here in the draft.  At this spot, the Spurs could use a backup point guard to compete with Joseph and Mills, a big man that could potentially step in for either Blair or Splitter as both will be free agents in the offseason, or a versatile shot creating wing player off the bench that could one day step into the shoes of Manu Ginobili.

Gobert's stock has strangely been slipping, and the Spurs would be the benefactors in this mock draft if he slides all the way down to 28.  The 7-2 center is a very efficient scorer inside the paint, and also possesses strong rebounding and defensive skills.  He possesses very good shot blocking skills, and can rack up steals for his team.  In addition, he excels as a scorer in transition, and can score on second chance points.  He'll need to expand his offensive game, and will need to improve his ball handling skills, but Gobert would be a solid pick who would help shore up the paint.  

     29.  Oklahoma City Thunder – Livio Jean-Charles, F, ASVEL Basket (France)   
Most likely, they’ll take a wing player if they haven’t already, in case if Kevin Martin leaves for free agency.  There’s a need for them to take a point guard if they have yet to do so, so they can get a player to compete with Reggie Jackson for the backup spot.  Taking an athletic combination forward is also an option, as the Thunder will need all the bodies they can get to defend LeBron James and Dwayne Wade if they meet them in the NBA Finals again.

Livio Jean-Charles is an athletic forward who can play multiple positions, and was the star of the 2013 Nike Hoops Summit, as he guided the World team with 27 points and 13 rebounds in a convincing win over the U.S.  He would be a defensive specialist that can defend all sorts of players, is a strong rebounder, and is a strong, aggressive finisher who excels in transition.  He's an athletic combination forward who excels at scoring on rolls to the basket.  He has the skills to develop into a player who can play either forward position, can rebound, and defend, and could be a player that would be really intriguing for the Thunder.

   30. Phoenix SunsPierre Jackson, G, Baylor

The Suns need a shooting guard to complement Jared Dudley, or an extra big man that can produce right away.  A backup point guard also wouldn’t hurt here, as the Suns could take the best available player at this spot.

Pierre Jackson is a solid basketball player who possesses strong shooting skills, is a very good scorer off the dribble, excels at distributing and handling the basketball, and can garner many steals on the floor as he is also a pesky defender.  The only significant flaw is his lack of height, and he's been injured recently, but he has all of the other skills to make up for this.  He would be a very good pick up here, and has all the skills to develop as the understudy to Goran Dragic at this spot for the Suns.
2nd Round

     31. Cleveland – Sergey Karasev, G-F, BC Triumph (Russia)
     32. Oklahoma City – Tony Snell, G-F, New Mexico
     33. Cleveland – Archie Goodwin, G, Kentucky
     34. Houston –  Mike Muscala, C, Bucknell
     35. Philadelphia – Trevor Mbakwe, F, Minnesota
     36. Sacramento – Isaiah Canaan, G, Murray State  
     37. Detroit – Ricardo Ledo, G, Providence
     38. Washington – Andre Roberson, F, Colorado    
     39. Portland – Deshaun Thomas, F, Ohio State  
     40. Portland – Nate Wolters, G, South Dakota State
     41. Philadelphia – Ray McCallum, G, Detroit  
     42. Memphis – James Southerland, F, Syracuse
     45. Portland – Joan Sastre, G, Cajasol (Spain)
     46. Utah – Erick Green, G, Virginia Tech
     47. Atlanta – C.J. Leslie, F, NC State
     48. LA Lakers – James Ennis, G-F, Long Beach State
     49. Chicago – Solomon Hill, G-F, Arizona
     50. Atlanta – Ryan Kelly, F, Duke
     51. Orlando – Lorenzo Brown, G, NC State
     52. Minnesota – Grant Jerrett, F-C, Arizona 
     53. Indiana – Khalif Wyatt, G, Temple
     54. Washington – Peyton Siva, G, Louisville
     55. Memphis – Seth Curry, G, Duke
     56. Detroit – Arsalan Kazemi, F, Oregon
     57. Phoenix – D.J. Stephens, F, Memphis
     58. San Antonio – Durand Scott, G, Miami (Fl)
     59. Minnesota – Erik Murphy, F, Florida
     60. Memphis – Brandon Davies, F, BYU

Not all players could be selected, so the honorable mention list will be posted below for players that are either ranked high and didn’t get selected, or were players that were considered and almost picked in this mock draft, but were unfortunately passed over, since there are only 60 spots in this year’s draft.  If a player is unlisted here, it probably means he didn’t come to mind when making the selections, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad player.  Anyways, here is that list below.

Honorable Mention: Jackie Carmichael, F-C, Illinois State, Phil Pressey, G, Missouri, Colton Iverson, C, Colorado State, B.J. Young, G, Arkansas, Myck Kabongo, G, Texas, Nemanja Nedovic, G, Lietuvos Rytas (Serbia), Richard Howell, F, NC State, Carrick Felix, G-F, Arizona State, Michael Snaer, G, Florida State, Matthew Dellavedova, G, St. Mary’s, Robert Covington, F, Tennessee State, Kenny Kadji, F-C, Miami (Fl), Bojan Dubljevic, F, Valencia Basket (Montenegro), Augusto Lima, C, Unicaja Malaga (Brazil), Jamelle Hagins, F, Delaware, Jack Cooley, F, Notre Dame, Christian Watford, F, Indiana, Raul Neto, G, Lagun Aro GBC (Brazil), D.J. Cooper, G, Ohio, Carl Hall, F, Wichita State, Dejan Musli, C, Partizan Belgrade (Serbia), Jake Cohen, F, Davidson, and your favorite player I have yet to mention.

Thank you for reading this, and this is the final mock draft that we will post prior to the date of the 2013 NBA Draft.